Bring Back Your Charming Smile With Immediate Loading Basal Implants

Missing tooth has always been an issue. It spoils the contour of your face, alignment of the teeth and the charm of your smile.  The conventional methods of teeth replacement are too complicated and time taking. Immediate Loading Basal Implantology is a revolution in the field of fixed replacement of teeth on implants.

 Immediate loading basal implants in India

What are immediate loading basal implants?

The bone has a soft spongy part which is covered by a thick bone layer called corticalis which is highly mineralised. The immediate loading basal implants are fastened at the corticalis which is a much harder section of the bone in order to replace lost teeth. Even for the most complicated cases, there is no such thing as bone augmentation or bone grafts are used.

What are the Advantages of Immediate loading basal Implants?

  • The immediate loading basal implants are anchored at the base or the hardest part of the mandibular bone called the Basal bone. The most important advantage of placing the implants in the Basal bone is that it is devoid of infection and that it does not deteriorate in any way even in the absence of teeth.
  • The biggest advantage of basal implants remains the fact that it does not demand any sort of bone grafting or augmentation as the Basal bone is present in all, thereby avoiding complications associated with bone grafts in the dental procedures. Conventional methods do not provide these benefits.
  • Basal Implants are placed in the Basal bone which allows immediate osseointegration.

Implant procedure Hyderabad

  • Nontraumatic puncture, that is flapless procedure is followed thereby reducing the healing time.
  • The implants are durable and long-lasting. It is placed in the deeper layers of the tissue which does not promote any sort of infection as it is one of the most sterile parts of the bone tissue.

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